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SAA Technical Subcommittee on EAC-CPF

Since November 2008, our research team was involved in the Encoded Archival Context - Corporate bodies, Persons, and Families (EAC-CPF) Working Group, with Mrs Lina Bountouri as the representative. The EAC-CPF Schema is a standard for encoding contextual information about persons, corporate bodies, and families related to archival materials using Extensible Markup Language (XML). The standard is maintained by the Society of American Archivists in partnership with the Berlin State Library. The first official release of the standard was made on March 2010. In 2011 the EAC-CPF was "adopted" as a standard of the Society of American Archivists. At the same time, a new committee was created, which replaced the EAC-CPF Working Group, called SAA Technical Subcommittee on EAC-CPF. Our research team is also involved in this new committee.

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