Corfu and the University

The Ionian University opened to students in 1985. It is situated in Corfu, an island with rich history and natural beauty. A modern and dynamic institution, the Ionian University at present comprises six academic departments and ten postgraduate programmes, all of which stand out for their distinctive cultural and educational character. What is more, three of these departments are unique in Greece as far as their field of studies is concerned. The Ionian University has grown rapidly and has presented notable cultural activity.

As the visitor of this site can see, the Ionian University is noted for the originality of its subjects and fields of science as well as for its firm decision to develop always insisting on small numbers and human scales. The lecturer-student ratio clearly illustrates this fact. Teachers and students together form a small academic community, within a city of 40,000 people. The teachers are personally acquainted with the students, communicate with them on a daily basis and closely observe their progress even after their graduation. Our university community makes the most of living within the small Corfu society, enjoying human contact and -in our spare time- the numerous opportunities for recreation offered by the island’s cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Our students benefit from opportunities to participate in exchange programmes and gain experience in studying abroad. This can be achieved either through European Exchange Programmes (ERASMUS /SOCRATES), educational trips abroad or practicums during their studies.

The town of Corfu maintains its historical urban architecture. It has a Municipal Library, the only Museum of Asian Art in the country, an annex of the National Gallery, a Readers Society and an annex of the General State Archives, all of which keep the island’s multicultural and intellectual tradition and history alive. The Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, the Department of Archives and Library Science –two unique university Departments in Greek Higher Education- and the Department of History -the only Department strictly devoted to the study of History- developed in this environment, are of the highest standards and can be compared to any central university.

Both the lecture halls and the administrative services of the University are located in the town of Corfu. An ideal tourist destination for most, Corfu represents a cultural and intellectual centre for the academic community. In 1824 the Ionian Academy, the first Greek university, was founded in Corfu, as was also the first School of Fine Arts. The Department of Music Studies and the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University have their roots in the long Corfu tradition of artistic expression and creation in the fields of Music and the Fine Arts.

Student everyday life

Corfu is probably the only provincial Greek town where Education and Culture walk side by side. Numerous cultural events take place and students are actively involved in them. These events include concerts, lectures, exhibitions, seminars, film showings, music events organised by local music groups and philharmonic bands, as well as scientific conventions and conferences, university lectures open to the public. The students can participate in the Theatre Group, the Cinema Club and the University sports teams, which are supported by the University. There are student teams in a number of sports (football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, aerobics, athletics, tennis) with remarkable achievements and distinctions.

In July, the Summer School of Greek Language and Culture and the Summer Music Academy attract hundreds of young people from all over the world. During their stay in Corfu they get acquainted with Greek language and culture and learn how to communicate in the language of music.

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