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Finance and Business Analytics Conference 2023 - Lefkada 7-9 June 2023
Posted: 01-06-2023 12:34 | Views: 250
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en  pdf.png  Conference Programme
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en  pdf.png  Caonference Call
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Join us in Greece on 7th–9th June 2023 for the Finance and Business Analytics Conference and experience three days of learning and networking. Adam Smith Business School of the University of Glasgow and Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) of City, University of London will be hosting their first joint conference in Finance and Business Analytics in the island of Lefkada, Greece, in cooperation (...)
[Deadline extension] 2023 Summer School: "Seafarers in Ancient Greece - Pirates, Sailors, Colonizers"
Posted: 01-03-2023 13:21 | Updated: 01-06-2023 10:59 | Views: 3543
Start: 10-07-2023 |End: 22-07-2023
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en  pdf.png  Seafarers Summer School Timetable 2023
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en  pdf.png  Seafarers Summer School Study Guide 2023
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en  pdf.png  Seafarers Summer School Study Brochure 2023
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This exciting summer school focuses on various types of seafarers in ancient Greece, from pirates to sailors and colonizers. It explores their roles in mythical journeys, the colonization process, and naval battles from the Archaic to the Hellenistic age.
Academic Calendar 2023-2024
Posted: 31-05-2023 16:19 | Views: 1062
Start: 01-09-2023 |End: 31-08-2024
The academic calendar for the year 2023-2024 is published with dates on tuition, exams and holidays.
Winners of Nikolaos Bourbakis Award for 2022
Posted: 26-05-2023 14:31 | Views: 724
The PhD Candidate of the Humanistic and Social Informatics Laboratory, Georgios Drakopoulos, won the Nikolaos Bourbakis Award for 2022 in the International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, for the article "Higher Order Trust Ranking of LinkedIn Accounts with Iterative Matrix Methods".
DCAC-2023 Detailed Schedule and Online Streaming 12-13/5/2023
Posted: 09-05-2023 19:24 | Updated: 12-05-2023 19:54 | Views: 1583
Start: 12-05-2023 |End: 13-05-2023
The Organizing Committee of the 5th International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges welcomes you to the DCAC-2023 Conference 12-13/05/2023 (online and hybrid), Ionian Academy, Corfu, Greece. The schedule has been published online and there will be live streaming for the activities of both days at the link:
Workshops and seminars cycle AV-School 2023: May 14-16th in Corfu
Posted: 24-04-2023 11:34 | Updated: 12-05-2023 18:19 | Views: 1865
Start: 14-05-2023 |End: 16-05-2023
AV-school hosts educational activities that take place in the framework of the Audiovisual Arts Festival. AV-School 2023 takes place May 14-16th in the premises of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts and its activities are open to all members of the academic community and general public.
International Conference “Digital Technologies, Common European Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development”
Posted: 10-05-2023 13:16 | Views: 248
Important Date: 31-03-2023
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en  pdf.png  Press Release
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The International Conference “Digital Technologies, Common European Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development” was organized by the Ionian University in the context of the Irschen Program (KA2 Action Erasmus+). It took place on March 21, 2023, in the Eva Laskari Hall at the Historical Public Library of Corfu in the Old Fortress of Corfu, Greece. The Conference aimed to stress the necessity of digital tools in highlighting Europe's Cultural Heritage, in strengthening our common European identity, and thus in promoting Sustainable Development.
Completion of the IRSCHEN Project (Interdisciplinary Resilience through Science and Cultural Heritage Education Network)
Posted: 10-05-2023 12:09 | Views: 843
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en  pdf.png  Press Release
Size: 629.95 KB :: Type: PDF document
The scientific project Irschen took place from March 2021 to March 2023 in the context of Erasmus+ and specifically of the KA2 Action that promotes cooperation between Institutions and Organizations.
16th Audiovisual Arts Festival [Corfu, 11-29 May 2023]
Posted: 06-04-2023 11:39 | Updated: 09-05-2023 14:01 | Views: 3901
Start: 11-05-2023 |End: 29-05-2023
The Department of Audio and Visual Arts, in collaboration with the Electroacoustic Music Research & Applications Laboratory of the Ionian University, organizes the 16th Audiovisual Arts Festival, in Corfu from 11th to 29th May, 2023! The Festival stands out for the presentation of works made by the Student and Academic Community of the Ionian University in the fields of Contemporary Audio & Visual Arts, Hybrid and Performing Arts.
16th Photography Exhibition by the Photography Laboratory of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts
Posted: 04-05-2023 15:31 | Updated: 04-05-2023 23:06 | Views: 1176
Start: 05-05-2023 |End: 20-05-2023
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en  pdf.png  Poster of the Exhibition
Size: 184.96 KB :: Type: PDF document
The 16th collective photo show of students of Laboratory of Photography, Department of Audio-Visual Arts, will be open on the 5th of May at 20:00 at the Venetian Prisons of the Old Fortress. The selection and sequence of pictures has been chosen collectively, through the participants’ collaboration.
Library's Bulletin for Ionian University's Research Publications: March-April 2023
Posted: 02-05-2023 14:59 | Views: 986
Ionian University Library & Information Centre publishes the monthly bulletin on the productivity of Ionian University's researchers, based on Scopus and MDPI.
Posted: 09-04-2023 00:37 | Views: 662
Easter wishes from the whole team of the Ionian University's UNESCO Chair
Easter Wishes 2023
Posted: 06-04-2023 12:29 | Views: 612
The Rectorate of the Ionian University wishes all members of the academic community and friends of the institution Happy Resurrection Day and Happy Easter!
Webinar by Professor Alexis Papadopoulos (DePaulU, Chicago): "Vincentian Praxis in French State Formation From "Nantes" to the Peace of Utrecht (1598-1715)"
Posted: 06-04-2023 09:23 | Views: 908
The Department of History, Politics and International Studies and Strategy International in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair "On threats to Cultural Heritage and its relatedactivities" and the Geocultural Analysis Laboratory of the Ionian University invite you to the public on line lecture of Professor Alexis Papadopoulos on the topic: "Vincentian Praxis in French State Formation From (...)
Research & Innovation in tourism: meeting of tourism stakeholders in the Department of Tourism
Posted: 30-03-2023 12:02 | Views: 698
The Department of Tourism of the Ionian University organized on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, a meeting inviting all tourism stakeholders, in order to discuss issues related to tourism in Corfu and the region of Ionian Islands and specifically research and innovation in tourism with the aim of activating the new "Regional Smart Specialization Strategy".
Professionalizing PSI in Greece and Norway
Posted: 24-03-2023 21:02 | Views: 1347
This online workshop, co-organized by the Oslo Metropolitan University and the Ionian University, attempts to shed some light on the degree of professionalization of PSI in two countries, namely Norway and Greece, where perceptions of the role and function of public services, multilingualism among users of public services and interpreters providing specialized services for multilingual/multiethnic users differ considerably, thus affecting the extent of professionalization, the corresponding legal framework, and the prevailing administrative culture.
SAR Greece at the 102nd Hellenic Universities' Rectors Conference
Posted: 24-03-2023 10:31 | Views: 622
SAR Greek Section's representatives Prof. Stavros Katsios (IU), Prof. Nikos Nagopoulos (UA) and Prof. Alexandros Triantafyllides (AUTH) took part on 22nd March 2023 in a special session of the biannual Hellenic Universities' Rectors Conference -which took place in Corfu, hosted by the Ionian University. SAR Greece has presented todays status and the challenges ahead proposing a uniform strategy (...)
Invitation to the International Conference «Digital Technologies, Common European Cultural Heritage, and Sustainable Development» [21/3/2023, Corfu, Greece]
Posted: 16-03-2023 12:37 | Updated: 16-03-2023 18:34 | Views: 1565
Important Date: 21-03-2023
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en  pdf.png  Conference Program (v2)
Size: 421.73 KB :: Type: PDF document
As part of the "IRSCHEN" research project, the international conference on "Digital Technologies, Common European Cultural Heritage, and Sustainable Development" is being organized on March 21, 2023 at the Event Hall "Evi Laskari" of the Public Central Historical Library of Corfu (English Barracks - Old Fort, Historical City of Corfu).
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between OsloMet and the Ionian University
Posted: 15-03-2023 11:42 | Views: 1240
The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Faculty of Education and International Studies of OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University and the DFLTI of the Ionian University opens new paths for the two institutions.
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