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Aqua Jazz Athens [9-12/7/18]
Posted: 04-07-2018 15:07 | Views: 1318
Start: 09-07-2018 |End: 12-07-2018
The global musical culture of Jazz meets the traditions of the Mediterranean. The Athens Festival hosts a four-day musical platform organized by the Athens Conservatory and the Ionian University Jazz Program in collaboration with the Berklee Global Jazz Institute.
The Summer Piano Institute - Corfu, June 18-24, 2018
Posted: 22-05-2018 11:17 | Updated: 18-06-2018 11:03 | Views: 1665
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    Festival poster
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Piano Plus Festival welcomes you to the sixth Summer Piano Institute for conservatory, college and university students, with a rich event program open to the public.
8th International Conference on Information Law (ICIL) 2018 
Posted: 13-06-2018 11:04 | Views: 1454
Modern Intellectual Property Governance and Openness in Europe: A Long and Winding Road? December 13th-14th, 2018, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Eija-Liisa Ahtila was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts
Posted: 08-06-2018 10:50 | Views: 1404
Accomplished visual artist and filmmaker of Eija-Liisa Ahtila was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, in a ceremony that took place in the Ionian Academy on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018.
Kick-off meeting of the project Polysemi - Park of literary travels of Greece and Magna Graecia
Posted: 05-06-2018 19:24 | Views: 1220
Department of Audio and Visual Arts: Honorary Degree Award Ceremony of Eija-Liisa Ahtila
Posted: 23-05-2018 15:22 | Updated: 04-06-2018 14:07 | Views: 1803
Important Date: 05-06-2018
The Honorary Degree Award Ceremony of Eija-Liisa Ahtila as an Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts will take place Tuesday, 5th of June, 2018, in the Ionian Academy, at 12:00 o' clock.
12th Audiovisual Arts Festival: SOTTOVOCE - Concerts of electro-acoustic music [Ionian Parliament, 29-30/5,1-2/6/2018]
Posted: 31-05-2018 14:54 | Views: 1273
Start: 29-05-2018 |End: 02-06-2018
The two departments of the Faculty of Music and Audiovisual Arts, the Department of Audio and Visual Arts (AVARTS) and the Department of Music Studies (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, EPHMEE) of the Ionian University join once again forces in order to organize the 12th annual Audiovisual Arts Festival, held from May 28 το June 10, 2018, in Corfu. During the Festival, Sottovocce will take place on 29-30/5, 1-2/6/2018 at Ionian Vouli.
12ο Audiovisual Arts Festival [May 28th - June 10th, 2018, Corfu]
Posted: 06-03-2018 17:35 | Updated: 25-05-2018 18:02 | Views: 2608
Start: 29-05-2018 |End: 10-06-2018
For the 12th consecutive year the Audiovisual Arts Festival will take place in Corfu from Monday, May 28th to Sunday 10th June. The program is co-organized by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts and the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University, incorporating a wide variety of educational and artistic activities.
Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges [DCAC-2018, June, 1-2 2018, Corfu, Greece]
Posted: 07-02-2018 16:39 | Updated: 25-05-2018 14:57 | Views: 4901
Start: 01-06-2018 |End: 02-06-2018
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    Conference DCAC 2018 Schedule v7.2
Size: 119.84 KB :: Type: PDF document
The International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges will be held in Corfu (Greece) June 1st-2nd 2018, and is hosted by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts (Ionian University). Keynote speaker: Maurice Benayoun.
Honorary Doctorate award to Professor Katherine E. Fleming
Posted: 25-05-2018 12:50 | Views: 1620
The Department of History of the Ionian University awarded Professor Katherine E. Fleming an Honorary Doctorate, in a ceremony held at the Ionian Academy.
Opening of the exhibition "Genus" / Rob Kesseler [30.05.2018, 20:00]
Posted: 25-05-2018 12:12 | Views: 1282
Start: 30-05-2018 |End: 12-06-2018
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    Exhibition Press Release
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    Opening exhibition invitation
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We warmly invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Genus” with artwork by the British visual artist Rob Kesseler, on Wednesday, May 30th 2018, 20:00 (8:00 pm), at the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu.
Seminar by Nikos Ordoulidis [18/5/18]
Posted: 02-05-2018 12:09 | Updated: 15-05-2018 14:58 | Views: 1781
Important Date: 18-05-2018
Isabela Lundgren, concert and seminar Jazz [Ionian Academy, 6/6/2018]
Posted: 14-05-2018 14:59 | Views: 1923
Important Date: 06-06-2018
Young Swedish jazz singer Isabela Lundgren begins her summer tour of Greece in Corfu at the Ionian Academy. Miss Lundgren and her group will also offer a jazz seminar for students of the Music Department and interested musicians. Concert: Ionian Academy June 6th 21.00, Free entrance. Seminar: Ionian Academy June 6th 11.00
Academic Calendar 2018-2019
Posted: 10-05-2018 12:56 | Views: 3062
Start: 01-10-2018 |End: 27-09-2019
The academic calendar for the year 2018-2019 is published with dates on tuition, exams and holidays.
Exclusive premiere of the British-American film "Dominion" in the framework of the 12th Audiovisual Arts Festival
Posted: 09-05-2018 15:28 | Updated: 09-05-2018 20:14 | Views: 3335
Important Date: 12-05-2018
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    Movie poster
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Great premiere of the British-American film "Dominion" exclusively in the framework of the 12th Audiovisual Arts Festival of the Ionian University in Corfu, Ionian Academy, Saturday, May 12 at 21.00.
Exhibition of Advanced Drawing Workshop [Opening 15/5/2018, Corfu Art Gallery, Corfu, Greece]
Posted: 08-05-2018 15:38 | Views: 1567
Start: 15-05-2018 |End: 24-05-2018
You are invited at the opening of the advanced drawing workshop exhibition, of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, that will take place at the Corfu Art Gallery, on Tuesday, 15th of May, 2018 at 20.00 pm. Exhibition duration: May, 15 - May, 24 2018. The exhibition is part of the 12th Audiovisual Arts Festival.
Ionian University welcomes acclaimed filmmaker Steven Bernstein on Corfu (3-5 May 2018)
Posted: 26-04-2018 11:27 | Updated: 02-05-2018 14:53 | Views: 4270
Start: 03-05-2018 |End: 05-05-2018
Steven Bernstein, acclaimed filmmaker and fervent supporter of the Greek audiovisual and film productions, is about to visit Ionian University (3-5 May 2018). His 3-day visit on Corfu, organized by the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, includes an open seminar in the Assembly Hall of the Ionian Academy on Thurday May 5th, 2018 at 12 noon.
Department of Audio and Visual Arts: 13th Student Photography Exhibition [Opening 4/5/2018, Corfu, Greece]
Posted: 02-05-2018 13:10 | Views: 1802
Start: 04-05-2018 |End: 19-05-2018
The Laboratory of Photography of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts invites you at the opening of the 13th Student Photography Exhibition, Friday the 4th of May, 2018, at 20.00, in the Prison of the Old Fortress.
“Engaging Dido And Lady Elizabeth: Feminist Interventions In The Past And For The Future”
Posted: 26-04-2018 21:46 | Views: 1935
Important Date: 02-05-2018
The Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology and the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, with the support of the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, organize a lecture by Dr. Jennifer Germann, from the Department of Art History at Ithaca College, New York State, USA: “Engaging Dido And Lady Elizabeth: Feminist Interventions In The Past And For The Future”. The event will take place on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 7:00 pm. at I. Theotokis 72.
AVARTS: Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science 2018 next November in Mexico [11-13/11/18]
Posted: 21-02-2018 14:37 | Updated: 26-04-2018 12:48 | Views: 2937
Start: 11-11-2018 |End: 13-11-2018
The third international interdisciplinary conference "Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science" will take place in 11-13 November 2018 in Mexico City, hosted by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and the Centro de Cultura Digital. Submissions are welcome from all art and research fields and cutting-edge technology in art research. Deadline for submitting abstracts and short CV: May 12th, 2018.
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