Call for student proposals for DIN-ECO Innovation

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The DIN-ECO Project is in the quest for future pioneers, changemakers and inventors who will revolutionize the fields of Digital Technologies, Digital Health and Manufacturing. 

About the Competition

The DIN-ECO Innovation Competition is a student competition running in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland, Serbia, and Turkey with the purpose of bringing together students from different disciplines and identifying and supporting innovative business solutions in the fields of Digital Technologies, Digital Health, and Manufacturing.

Participating in the competition you will have the opportunity to unfold your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation, connect with students, business professionals and academics across Europe and prepare to start your entrepreneurial journey. 

Competition Structure

The DIN-ECO Competition consists of 3 phases:

  1. Proposal submission:
    During this phase, you (either individually or in a group) are asked to submit your business idea, which will be assessed internally by each university. 
    All you have to do, is submit your business idea in the most attractive way. Focus on what problem you are trying to resolve, whom does your solution helps and what makes your idea innovative.
    Only the selected ideas will proceed to the next phase.

  2. Finalists’ selection:
    The business ideas will be evaluated on a HEI level and the 5 best ideas of each participating country will be selected to be advanced to the DIN-ECO Hackathon.

  3. DIN-ECO Hackathon:
    The 5 finalists of each participating University (30 finalists in total) will take part in a one-day online Hackathon during which they will have the opportunity to pitch their business idea in front of a dedicated Jury Committee. The Jury will evaluate and award the 3 best business ideas.

Why apply

Participation in the DIN-ECO hackathon will be a unique opportunity to present your business idea at a pan-European event where you can practice your pitching skills, gain visibility and validation from a Jury Committee of business and innovation experts and engage in networking activities. 

The best business ideas will receive mentoring and consulting services from experienced professionals, with the aim to further enhance your entrepreneurial mindset and skills, to familiarize yourself with the concept of innovation, and receive guidance in innovation exploitation. Finally, you will have the opportunity to participate in high quality training focusing on specialized topics of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Competition Thematics

The DIN-ECO Competition focuses on 3 theme areas. Specifically, the focus areas can be defined as follows.

  1. Digital Technologies
    In the era of digital transformation and disruption, emerging technologies are the core enabler of developing new products, services and processes that can improve our everyday lives.
    Therefore, this vertical focuses on digital solutions that utilize modern and advanced digital technologies, like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, AR/VR, Internet of Things, etc, in a novel way that produces value for the end-users.

  2. Digital Health
    The Digital Health vertical focuses on products and services that can transform the healthcare industry, enhance, and optimize research and development, drug discovery, and clinical trials; improve and personalize health care delivery and the treatment experience; support disease prevention, and promote health literacy and awareness. 

  3. Manufacturing
    Proposals in the Manufacturing field can include innovative solutions in product development and quality, industrial automation, production and maintenance optimization, manufacturing operations, production lines performance, supply chain visibility, efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability.  

Please note that you are asked to submit innovative ideas related to those themes only. 

Who can participate

Eligible to participate in the DIN-ECO Competition are young individuals that are currently studying at a Higher Education Institution in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland, Serbia, and Turkey at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and they have a business idea in the vertical of Digital Technologies, Digital Health or Manufacturing.

Students can apply as individuals or as a team. 

Key dates

Proposals submission: November 14 – December 2 
Regional finalists’ announcement: December 6
DIN-ECO Hackathon: December 16 

Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of a pan-European initiative and harness your entrepreneurial skills!

Apply now here


The project is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF)

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