Summer Academy: “Sound-movement-body-environment: Discovering relationships for enhanced understanding, expression and creation” [National Gallery, 24-27/6/19]

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Start: 24-06-2019 |End: 27-06-2019
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Invited Speakers:

Olympia Agalianou, PhD
Specialized Teaching Associate,
Department of Early Childhood Education, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Clare Hall, PhD
Lecturer in Performing Arts
Faculty of Education
Monash University Australia

With the participation of:

Zoe Dionyssiou
Assistant Professor of Music Education, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University

Ioanna Etmektsoglou
Associate Professor of Psychology of Music, Music Therapist, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University

We are pleased to announce the four-day Summer Academy 2019 "Sound-Movement-Body-Environment: Discovering Relationships for Enhanced Understanding, Expression and Creation", offered by the Department of Music Studies (specialization of Music Pedagogy and Psychology of Music) of the Ionian University. We are honoured to have the following two invited speakers: Olympia Agalianou, PhD, Specialized Teaching Associate at the Department of Early Childhood Education of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and Clare Hall,PhD, Lecturer in Performing Arts, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia. Workshops will be also conducted by Zoe Dionyssiou and Ioanna Etmektsoglou. The Summer Academy is addressed to music and art teachers of all levels, as well as primary and secondary school teachers, preschool teachers, students from the fields of music, audiovisual and visual arts, pedagogical departments, and anyone interested.

This yearʼs Summer Αcademy will focus on exploring relationships between sound, movement, the body and the environment. The body that listens, sounds and moves, learns how to relate, to perceive its limits and abilities and to create both individually and collectively, in a unique at any moment environment, which through its complexity provides opportunities for knowledge, relationships, expression and creation. In a dance that unfolds, as the sound prompts the emergence of motion and emotion, the individual finds opportunities to recognize “affinities” with his/her environment, to appreciate it, admire it, identify with it. In a natural way, he/she develops internal motivations to protect the other, the different, but essential. This “other”, may be another man, a place outside our door, an animal different from us, or even a culture that comes alive from the old times or takes on new forms. The Summer Academy aims to explore the multi-faceted relationships that develop through sound and movement - individually or in combination - between humans and their environment (living, geophysical, and cultural).

Morning sessions of the Summer Academy will take place at the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Corfu Branch (Kato Korakiana), Monday - Thursday 10.00 - 14.30. Coffee, water, fruits and snacks will be offered in the morning breaks. Evening classes will take place at the Department of Music Studies (Old Fortress), between 17:30 and 19:30. The seminar will be held in Greek and/or English. It will be possible for English-speaking audience to attend, in which case partial English translation will be provided. Participants who play a musical instrument are advised to bring it. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance from the Summer Academy of Ionian University. The number of places is limited and it will be prioritized according to registration date. On the last day of the Summer Academy, Thursday 27 June 2019, at 19.00, selected group works by the participants will be presented at the Garden of the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu. This event will be part of the opening event of the Symposium that will follow.

The Summer Academy is part of the Soundscape Week (24-30 June 2019), which will include concerts, workshops, soundwalks, and a symposium.The Symposium entitled "The Soundscape in which we Live" will take place between 27-30 June 2019 and it will be held at Ionian University (Auditorium I, Department of History, Ioannou Theotoki 72, Corfu). On Sunday 30 June 2019, an excursion to Lefkimmi Environmental Education Center of Corfu will be organized. Summer Academy participants will be able to attend free of charge to the Symposium and all concerts, workshops and excursions of the Soundscape Week.

For reservations please fill in the application form and mail it to: Given the availability of places, your participation will be ensured only upon depositing the suggested amount of money to the bank and sending an electronic copy of the receipt or the Number of transfer to the above e-mail.

Our aim is that the Summer Music Academy of the Ionian University will be a meeting place for creative dialogue and life-long learning of participants, around issues that refer to the teaching and learning of music in today’s society.

Terms and conditions

-The deadline for submission of applications for the early bird price is April 30th 2019 and for the regular price 31st May, 2019 (provided there are still places available).

-Participation will be confirmed after having received the bank deposit receipt by e-mail


- The name of the depositor must be stated on the bank receipt. All expenses and fees for national and international transfers are to be paid by the participant.

- Tuition fees should be paid to the following bank account:


IBAN: GR37 0172 4510 0054 5105 6646 108 (Ionian University)


- In case of cancellation of the seminar by the organizers, all money paid will be returned to the applicants.

- If the applicant withdraws his/her application before the closing date of application (31/5/2019), he/she will be refunded the sum of application reduced by 30 euros (or 15, student fee) that is charged by the organizers for administrative expenses.

- If withdrawal occurs after the closing date (31/5/2019), no refund would be given.

- In case of a serious difficulty on behalf of the tutors in organizing the seminar or part of it, the organizers have the responsibility to offer a similar seminar to the participants.

- Hotel bookings are to be made under personal communication by the participant.

- Travel expenses, food and insurance (travel, health, accident, etc.) are covered by the participants.

- At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate confirming their participation in the seminar.

- The organizers reserve the right to use audiovisual material from the seminars without revealing the names of the participants.

- By submitting their application, participants automatically declare that they have taken note and accept the terms and conditions of participation.

Academic Coordinators of the Summer Music Academy - Music Education Seminar

Zoe Dionyssiou,

Assistant Professor in Music Education, Ionian University


Ioanna Etmektsoglou

Associate Professor in Psychology of Music, Music Therapist, Ionian University


Clio Konstantakou


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