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Embedding IT and Cyber in music training and performance
Posted: 13-09-2023 13:07 | Views: 4643
Start: 06-09-2023 |End: 07-10-2023
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en  pdf.png  Corfu event program
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Embedding IT and Cyber in music training and performance” MUSense project multiplier event (Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, 6-7 October 2023
International CIOFF® Festival of Mediterranean Cultures [Corfu, 6-10 September 2023]
Posted: 22-08-2023 15:38 | Updated: 06-09-2023 10:26 | Views: 11658
Start: 06-09-2023 |End: 10-09-2023
The National Section of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts CIOFF®, official partner of UNESCO, the IONIAN UNIVERSITY and the Educational & Cultural Association of Sinies – Corfu,  organize the International CIOFF® Festival of Mediterranean Cultures, in Corfu, 6-10 September 2023.
1st Mediterranean Violoncello Class Meeting, 24-29 of July 2023
Posted: 24-07-2023 11:36 | Views: 2257
Start: 24-07-2023 |End: 29-07-2023
3rd Project Meeting of the DIN-ECO research project in Nis, Serbia, on 8 June 2023
Posted: 07-07-2023 19:36 | Views: 1903
Τhe research project DIN-ECO (Boosting Digital Innovation & Transformation Capacity of HEIs in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem), with Scientific Coordinator Prof. Adamantia Pateli from the Ionian University had its 3rd Project Meeting on Thursday, June 8 2023 -the 1st meeting for DIN-ECO phase 2- at the Campus of the University of Nis, Serbia.
Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA 2023
Posted: 20-06-2023 17:46 | Views: 4331
Start: 20-06-2023 |End: 08-09-2023
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en  pdf.png  ICONA 2023 - Rules and Terms
Size: 319.24 KB :: Type: PDF document
The aim of the Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA 2023 is to present the best from the field of animation from all around the world. The festival also aims to preserve and help develop the cultural heritage of animated film, contribute to creation of new films, provide ground for potential international co-productions and encourages dialogue between professionals, filmmakers and the public. Submission Deadline: 08/09/2023
Finance and Business Analytics Conference 2023 - Lefkada 7-9 June 2023
Posted: 01-06-2023 12:34 | Views: 2027
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en  pdf.png  Conference Programme
Size: 349.14 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  Caonference Call
Size: 324.4 KB :: Type: PDF document
Join us in Greece on 7th–9th June 2023 for the Finance and Business Analytics Conference and experience three days of learning and networking. Adam Smith Business School of the University of Glasgow and Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) of City, University of London will be hosting their first joint conference in Finance and Business Analytics in the island of Lefkada, Greece, in cooperation (...)
Webinar by Professor Alexis Papadopoulos (DePaulU, Chicago): "Vincentian Praxis in French State Formation From "Nantes" to the Peace of Utrecht (1598-1715)"
Posted: 06-04-2023 09:23 | Views: 2980
The Department of History, Politics and International Studies and Strategy International in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair "On threats to Cultural Heritage and its relatedactivities" and the Geocultural Analysis Laboratory of the Ionian University invite you to the public on line lecture of Professor Alexis Papadopoulos on the topic: "Vincentian Praxis in French State Formation From (...)
Research & Innovation in tourism: meeting of tourism stakeholders in the Department of Tourism
Posted: 30-03-2023 12:02 | Views: 2281
The Department of Tourism of the Ionian University organized on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, a meeting inviting all tourism stakeholders, in order to discuss issues related to tourism in Corfu and the region of Ionian Islands and specifically research and innovation in tourism with the aim of activating the new "Regional Smart Specialization Strategy".
Professionalizing PSI in Greece and Norway
Posted: 24-03-2023 21:02 | Views: 2344
This online workshop, co-organized by the Oslo Metropolitan University and the Ionian University, attempts to shed some light on the degree of professionalization of PSI in two countries, namely Norway and Greece, where perceptions of the role and function of public services, multilingualism among users of public services and interpreters providing specialized services for multilingual/multiethnic users differ considerably, thus affecting the extent of professionalization, the corresponding legal framework, and the prevailing administrative culture.
Invitation to the International Conference «Digital Technologies, Common European Cultural Heritage, and Sustainable Development» [21/3/2023, Corfu, Greece]
Posted: 16-03-2023 12:37 | Updated: 16-03-2023 18:34 | Views: 3660
Important Date: 21-03-2023
Attached files
en  pdf.png  Conference Program (v2)
Size: 421.73 KB :: Type: PDF document
As part of the "IRSCHEN" research project, the international conference on "Digital Technologies, Common European Cultural Heritage, and Sustainable Development" is being organized on March 21, 2023 at the Event Hall "Evi Laskari" of the Public Central Historical Library of Corfu (English Barracks - Old Fort, Historical City of Corfu).
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between OsloMet and the Ionian University
Posted: 15-03-2023 11:42 | Views: 2259
The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Faculty of Education and International Studies of OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University and the DFLTI of the Ionian University opens new paths for the two institutions.
5th International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges [DCAC-2023] - Hard submission deadline [24/03/2023]
Posted: 03-02-2023 23:14 | Updated: 10-03-2023 15:38 | Views: 12605
Start: 12-05-2023 |End: 13-05-2023
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en  pdf.png  Call For Papers v5
Size: 293.88 KB :: Type: PDF document
The Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University organizes the 5th International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges (DCAC-2023) which will be held in hybrid way - online and in the Ionian Academy in Corfu (Greece), on Friday 12 May and on Saturday 13 May 2023. DCAC-2023 submissions via EasyChair. Hard deadline extension for submission of extended abstracts: 24 March, 2023.
Hybrid Workshop "Threats to Cultural Heritage: normative and ethical approaches and contradictions"
Posted: 01-03-2023 20:48 | Views: 4093
Important Date: 15-03-2023
The UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage, the Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses (GEOLab), Department F.L.T.I. and the Laboratory for the Documentation of Cultural & Historic Heritage, Department ALMS of the Ionian University organised on 15th March 2023 18:00-20:30 a hybrid Workshop "Threats to Cultural Heritage: normative and ethical approaches and contradictions".
11th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues 12-14 July 2023, Corfu
Posted: 20-02-2023 16:37 | Views: 2664
The 11th ICCMI travels to the island of Corfu. The Conference will be held between the 12-14 of July 2023. We invite academics, practitioners and students from around the world to participate.
DISCUSSIONS FOR THE MUSEUM 2022-2023. Lecture: Museum and well-being!
Posted: 17-02-2023 07:55 | Views: 1814
Start: 17-02-2023 |End: 23-02-2023
Museum Collections of the Ionian University Discussions for the museum 2022-2023 Lecture Museum and well-being! Chryssi Vombogianni, Museologist - Conservator of Antiquities, Ephorate of Antiquities Athens City
International Conference and exhibition regarding the research project "Zoara" (HFRI and Ionian University) [17 February 2023, ILAM and Online]
Posted: 15-02-2023 10:41 | Views: 2369
Important Date: 17-02-2023
Attached files
gr  pdf.png  Conference Programme
Size: 147.31 KB :: Type: PDF document
On Friday 17 February 2023, at the premises of ILAM and online via Zoom, an International Conference will take place in the framework of the research project "Zoara/Zughar in the Ghor as-Safi, Jordan: Interdisciplinary Research and Study of the Discoveries of an Early Byzantine and Medieval Islamic Commercial City in Palaestina Tertia - southern Bilad ash-Sham".
DISCUSSIONS ON THE MUSEUM 2022-2023. Lecture: The museum as an agent of social change
Posted: 13-01-2023 10:41 | Views: 2020
Start: 13-01-2023 |End: 19-01-2023
How does the creation of an ephemeral participatory museum enhance the effort for social change on issues affecting the local community by the local community? The combination of socio-cultural empowerment with museology and museum education is at the core of the Emerge method.
XNPM22 Xenakis Networked Performance Marathon 2022
Posted: 13-12-2022 13:03 | Views: 4759
Start: 17-12-2022 |End: 18-12-2022
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en  pdf.png  Event Program Overview (v3)
Size: 30.4 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  Press Release (v5)
Size: 129.27 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  Event Program detailed (v3)
Size: 98.08 KB :: Type: PDF document
The year 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Greek-born pioneer composer and thinker Iannis Xenakis, and is accompanied worldwide by events dedicated to his memory and work. To honour this Greek-born musician, a marathon concert takes place at Athens Conservatory, on Saturday 17 December, presenting works inspired by his musical work and his reflections on science and technology and the role of muscles in society and the arts. This event, which takes place at the Athens Conservatory from 7 pm until 3:30 am the following day, features musicians and artists from ten different countries (Greece, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, England, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, United States).
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