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2nd International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges [DCAC-2019] - Full text submission deadline: 26/09/2019
Posted: 21-11-2018 15:27 | Updated: 05-09-2019 16:48 | Views: 8691
Start: 10-05-2018 |End: 11-05-2019
The International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges was held in Corfu (Greece), May 10-11, 2019, hosted by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts (Ionian University). Full text submission deadline: 29/09/2019. Official website:
Summer holidays 2019
Posted: 01-07-2019 15:41 | Updated: 26-07-2019 18:00 | Views: 4837
The summer holidays period for the administrative services of the Ionian University will last until August 20th, 2019. Happy holidays!
New website for International & Public Relations Department
Posted: 02-07-2019 13:50 | Views: 6279
International & Public Relations Department of the Ionian University has new and modern website. In the sections of the new website one can find information on public and international relations and information on the Erasmus program and internships.
Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music Research & Applications & Music Education and Music Psychology Group: The Soundscape we live in [24-29/6/2019]
Posted: 18-06-2019 14:09 | Updated: 25-06-2019 17:21 | Views: 5442
Start: 24-06-2019 |End: 29-06-2019
The Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music Research & Applications [EPHMEE] and the Music Education and Music Psychology Group of the Music Department of Ionian University lend their ears to the Sound Environment and propose a series of educational, research and artistic activities, the last week of June, dedicated to the Soundscape we live in.
Exhibition APOPLUS, Invisible Cities and Greek City Ports of the Ionian: visual art dialogues between Greek litterateurs and Calvino
Posted: 06-06-2019 17:44 | Updated: 18-06-2019 20:26 | Views: 2793
Start: 21-06-2019 |End: 07-07-2019
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    APOPLUS Press Release
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The project "Park of literary travels in Greece and Magna Graecia - POLYSEMI”, co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and national funds, in the framework of the "European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece - Italy 2014-2020" invites you to the exhibition APOPLUS, Invisible Cities and Greek City Ports of the Ionian: visual art dialogues between Greek litterateurs and Calvino. The exhibition, which is organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport, General Directorate of Contemporary Culture and is supported by the Department of Informatics, Ionian University, will be hosted at Alevrapothikes building in the Old Fortress of Corfu. The exhibition will be inaugurated on June 21st, 2019 and will run until July 7th, 2019.
“International Summer Academy for Intercultural Communication” (ISAIC)
Posted: 19-03-2019 13:49 | Updated: 07-06-2019 13:24 | Views: 3804
Start: 01-07-2019 |End: 09-07-2019
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    SAIC 2019 Programme [.v2]
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    Seminar information and teaching staff
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The International Summer Academy for Intercultural Communication will run for the second consecutive year between the 1st and the 9th of July, 2019 at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting. The Summer Academy aims to raise intercultural awareness and understanding and cultivate intercultural communication skills. The Director of the International Summer Academy for Intercultural Communication is Asst. Prof. Dr Ioannis Karras. See more:
“Fisheries and Cultural Heritage, Identity and Participated Societies” participatory meeting
Posted: 06-06-2019 21:06 | Views: 3258
Department of Music Studies: Filip Jers Quartet, Concert and Seminar - Ionian Academy May 29th 2019
Posted: 28-05-2019 15:28 | Views: 4385
Important Date: 29-05-2019
Filip Jers Quartet from Sweden begins their summer tour of Greece in Corfu at the Ionian Academy. The group will also offer a jazz seminar for students of the Music Department and interested musicians. Concert: Ionian Academy May 29th 2019 20.30 Free entrance. Seminar: Ionian Academy May 29th 2019 17.00.
Summer School for Choral Conductors of School, Childrens' and Youth Choirs [Corfu, 2-8/7/19]
Posted: 27-02-2019 12:45 | Updated: 21-05-2019 14:33 | Views: 7938
Start: 02-07-2019 |End: 08-07-2019
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    Application Form
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    Short CV of Joy Hill
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Summer School for Choral Conductors of School, Childrens' and Youth Choirs will take place from 2nd to 8th of July in Corfu, Greece with Joy Hill (Guest Professor). Director: Dr. Miranda Caldi, Professor Emeritus Ionian University. More info:
CIAK project: The 10 winning directors of "Memory" Call announced
Posted: 16-05-2019 17:59 | Views: 3400
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    Press Release
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Apulia Film Commission Foundation organised a press conference yesterday at Bari Cineporto, in order to present “Memory” call- winning directors in the frame of Greece-Italy cooperation project CIAK. Simonetta Dellomonaco, President of Apulia Film Commission Foundation, announced the names of the 10 winning under-35 directors.
“The Seven Sages of Ancient Greece as Historical Figures” - Open lecture at the History Department
Posted: 15-05-2019 10:55 | Views: 2672
Important Date: 22-05-2019
A lecture by Prof. Susan O. Shapiro, Utah State University
13th Audiovisual Arts Festival [6-12 May 2019, Corfu]
Posted: 02-05-2019 16:38 | Updated: 09-05-2019 08:46 | Views: 5871
Start: 06-05-2019 |End: 12-05-2019
The two departments of the Faculty of Music and Audiovisual Arts, the Department of Audio and Visual Arts (AVARTS) and the Department of Music Studies (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, EPHMEE) of the Ionian University join once again forces in order to organize the 13th annual Audiovisual Arts Festival, held from May 6 το May 12, 2019, in Corfu. Official website:
Summer School 2019: Excavation Techniques, First Aids & Preventive Conservation - Registration extension: 31/05/2019
Posted: 01-03-2019 12:24 | Updated: 08-05-2019 12:58 | Views: 4659
Start: 08-07-2019 |End: 12-07-2019
The Department of the Environment and the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology of the Ionian University organise for the first time a Summer School on “Excavation Techniques, First Aid and Preventive Conservation” of excavated material which is to be held at the excavation of the archaeological site of the Amyklaion near Sparta between 8-12 July 2019. More info:
Summer School of Greek Language, History and Culture [Corfu, 1-14/7/19]
Posted: 14-12-2018 15:56 | Updated: 07-05-2019 16:00 | Views: 2784
Start: 01-07-2019 |End: 14-07-2019
The Summer School for Greek Language, History and Culture of the Ionian University is aimed at young people from the Greek diaspora, as well as people with a special interest in Greek language, history and culture, who wish to gain an introduction to, or deepen their knowledge of, Greek language and culture. The registration deadline is May 10, 2019. For more information please visit:
DFLTI: International Summer School in Mediterranean Security and Culture [Corfu, 3-7/7/19]
Posted: 07-05-2019 14:39 | Views: 4201
Start: 03-07-2019 |End: 07-07-2019
The Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses of DFLTI / GeoLab and the British Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS) organise in Corfu the International Summer School in Mediterranean Security and Culture on July 3-7, 2019. More information at
AKOYSMATA: Concert series organised by the Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Laboratory [EPHMEE]
Posted: 03-05-2019 15:40 | Views: 3020
Start: 06-05-2019 |End: 12-05-2019
AKOYSMATA is the general title for the Concert series organised by the Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Laboratory [EPHMEE] in collaboration with the Performative Environments in the Arts Research Laboratory [PEARL] for this year's Audiovisual Festival of the Ionian University (6 to 12 May, 2019).
Opera and the Greek World during the 19th Century
Posted: 12-04-2016 12:16 | Updated: 18-04-2019 14:09 | Views: 18107
Start: 17-11-2017 |End: 19-11-2017
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    Conference Timetable
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Opera and the Greek World during Nineteenth Century. International Conference in Corfu, Greece, 17-19 November 2017.
See the IU brochure 2019
Posted: 17-04-2019 14:52 | Views: 7368
The IU brochure containing the essential information about the character, the courses and the infrastructure of each of the twelve university departments and their programmes.
«The ubiquitin pathway for intracellular protein breakdown: From basic mechanisms through human diseases and on to drug targeting. »
Posted: 15-04-2019 14:19 | Views: 1909
6th Satellite Event GeNeDis 2020. The Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology Laboratory (BiHELab) of the Department of Informatics, Ionian University organizes on Tuesday 16th April a workshop relevant to the latest developments in neuroscience. The Workshop will take place in Corfu, in Auditorium 1 of the building Τ.ΙΣΤ.-Τ.ΑΒΜ, I. Theotoki 72, 49100 Corfu.
Summer Academy: “Sound-movement-body-environment: Discovering relationships for enhanced understanding, expression and creation” [National Gallery, 24-27/6/19]
Posted: 18-03-2019 16:58 | Updated: 14-04-2019 20:17 | Views: 7542
Start: 24-06-2019 |End: 27-06-2019
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    Application Form
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    Call Full Text
Size: 415.92 KB :: Type: PDF document
We are pleased to announce the four-day Summer Academy 2019 "Sound-Movement-Body-Environment: Discovering Relationships for Enhanced Understanding, Expression and Creation", offered by the Department of Music Studies (specialization of Music Pedagogy and Psychology of Music) of the Ionian University [National Gallery and Old Fortress, 24-27/6/19]. More info:
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